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The Mobile Moose travels to Anchorage, and Mat-Su valley To best serve our current clients, we do not offer services outside our current service area.

Service Area and Clients

The Mobile Moose is a mixed animal practice focusing on dogs, cats, and horses only. Our comprehensive mobile clinic allows us to make one visit to your home and see all of your pets.

Why Choose a Mobile Veterinarian?

The Mobile Moose will be more convenient and less time consuming for you and your pet. You get uninterrupted time with the vet and the waiting room is your home!

Less Stress on Your Pet
Having us come to your home eliminates transportation stress and waiting room anxiety experienced by many pets and we feel that an exam in the home or our mobile clinic provides a more accurate assessment of your pet.

Less Stress on You
Having us come to your home is less stressful for you. Rather than a long trek to the veterinarian's office with your stressed out pet, we can meet you in your home at a convenient time for you.

Our Practice

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At Home Veterinary Care

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Dr. Zach Kaiser is a life long Alaskan. He was raised in Eagle River where he spent his free time riding horses, biking, fishing and enjoying the Alaskan outdoors. Dr. Kaiser is a graduate of the University Of Missouri where he focused on mixed animal practice. Upon returning to Alaska he is excited to help meet the needs of South Central Alaska.

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