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Will my pet get fat?
Spay-neutering at a very young age, before sexual maturity, usually has no effect on weight. Dogs who receive surgery after reaching sexual maturity may show an increased appetite because altering affects hormone balance as well as resulting in a more docile behavior. However, overweight animals are usually that way because they are fed too much. Gradual changes in the quantity and perhaps the type of feed nearly always solve the problem.  

Will my dog stop being a good watch dog?
No, your dog will continue to be a caring and protective companion.

Shouldn't I let my pet have at least one litter?
No. Even very young animals may be safely spayed or neutered. The veterinarian can make an evaluation on whether your pet is mature enough for surgery based on its age, weight, and general health.

Isn't spay-neuter surgery painful for my pet?
Your pet will be asleep during surgery and will receive pain management medication afterwards. A watchful eye by you and some minimal care at home will result in your pet being back to normal in a matter of days.

I want my kids to see the miracle of birth.
Unfortunately, bringing more puppies into a world that already euthanizes (kills) thousands of homeless dogs and puppies each day is not the best way to teach children about the miracle of life. There are good books and videos that would be a great substitute.

What if my pet is already pregnant?
At the discretion of the veterinarian, a female dog or cat may safely receive spay surgery at any time during pregnancy. The pregnancy is humanely terminated and the mother dog will recover and not have any more litters.

Spay and Neuter Questions and Answers